Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barcelona Advance, Turkish Football Violence, Juventus vs. Real Madrid, Sepp Blatter and the FBI

Crowd trouble at Manchester Under-21 Derby

Is it Hump Day already? Geez. Where does the time go? Anyway, as expected, Barcelona booked their ticket to Berlin last night despite a 3-2 loss in Munich. Bayern got the first goal to give them a hint of hope, but Neymar ended any optimism the hosts had shortly thereafter. Here's your lot:

Bayern Munich 3 - 2 Barcelona (agg. 3 - 5): Barney Ronay at the Allianz Arena
Bayern Munich 3 - 2 Barcelona (agg. 3 - 5): Three Things We Learned

We knew the situation in Turkey wasn't good. But, we had no idea about the extent of the troubles over there. This is an excellent look at the worrying state of Turkish Football. Violence is killing the game.

Today! The other tie. Go:

Real Madrid vs. Juventus: Preview I
Real Madrid vs. Juventus: Preview II

Nice! Javier Zanetti's Champions League Dream Team!

And Sepp Blatter avoiding the U.S. due to an FBI investigation?



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