Monday, November 17, 2014

USA Lose to Colombia, Euro 2016 Qualifying, Bleh, Bleh Bleh

The San Siro lights up as...
...Croatian fans enjoy a night out in Milan.
A very dreary Monday to you. It's all a bit lethargic today, is it not? All these internationals. Some are friendlies, some are qualifiers. Ugh. Can we please get our club football back? Please? So, eons ago (Friday), we watched as the U.S. once again failed to control the match, couldn't score from open play, and finally succumbed to a superior Colombian side. Tomorrow, the Yanks face Ireland. Wake us up at the half and let us know what's up, OK? Meanwhile, here's your latest USA stuff and things and whatever:

Colombia 2 - 1 United States: Euclides Montes at Craven Cottage
Colombia 2 - 1 United States: Three Things We Learned

No real surprises in Europe, either. Spain won, the Dutch won, England won in a drab draw, Scotland scraped by Ireland, Italy and the Czechs drew...wait...what's this? The Faroe Islands beat Greece?! Holy Mackerel! Claudio Ranieri? You're fired!

England 3 - 1 Slovenia: Daniel Taylor at Wembley
England 3 - 1 Slovienia: Five Things
Scotland 1 - 0 Republic of Ireland: Ewan Murray at Celtic Park
Italy 1 - 1 Croatia: Three Points

More fun with Roy Keane! It simply never gets old:

Keane: "Ask Martin. What's he said?''
Reporter: "I think he's had enough of these (distractions).''
Keane: "Go and ask him. Go and see him in the lobby. You're not brave enough to ask him?''
Reporter: "I am brave enough to ask him.''
Keane: "Go and ask him. You're asking me what Martin O'Neill might be thinking? Why don't you ask Martin?''
FAI press officer: "All right ...''
Keane: "What if we qualified? Do you think it will be a distraction? Are you thinking it's all a distraction from the result the other night?''
Reporter: "It was the build-up to the game for 24 hours. Everyone was talking about it.''
Keane: "What was the problem?''
Reporter: "We were all talking about it.''
Keane: "Talking about what? Talking about something you don't have a clue about, and everyone writing lies. The usual nonsense. 'This happened, that happened...'''

The African Cup of Nations is next year. So far, these teams are in:

Equatorial Guinea (hosts)
South Africa (top two in Group A)
Algeria (top two in Group B)
Gabon (top two in Group C)
Burkina Faso (top two in Group C)
Cameroon (top two in Group D)
Cape Verde (top two in Group F)
Zambia (top two in Group F)
Tunisia (top two in Group G)
Senegal (top two in Group G)

And finally...Goals of the Week!



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