Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ireland Thump the U.S.A., England Beat Scotland, Portugal Edge Argentina, Spain Lose to Germany, Belarus Beat Mexico

"I will not look at you." "I will not look at you either."

Geez. Hump Day already? Here we go. The Yanks did absolutely nothing to change the opinion of them around SSN Headquarters. They suck. What a barf-fest. Once again they failed to dictate play, couldn't put passes together, and lacked a cutting edge in front of goal. Here's your fallout from Dublin:

Ireland 4 - 1 United States: Grant Wahl at Aviva Stadium
Ireland 4 - 1 United States: Alan Smith at Aviva Stadium
Ireland 4 - 1 United States: Three Thoughts
Doug McIntyre: U.S. has lost its fight


Let's move on to the rest of the planet, shall we?

Scotland 1 - 3 England: Daniel Taylor at Celtic Park
Scotland 1 - 3 England: Dominic Fifield at Celtic Park
Scotland 1 - 3 England: Three Points
Portugal 1 - 0 Argentina: Jamie Jackson at Old Trafford
Portugal 1 - 0 Argentina: Three Points
Spain 0 - 1 Germany: Three Points
Belarus 3 - 2 Mexico: Three Points

Tim Vickery is a favorite scribe of ours who plies his trade down in Brazil. Today, he's got THREE NEW DUDES who lit up their South American teams this month. They are...Roberto Firmino from Brazil! Jeison Murillo from Colombia! And...Carlos Sanchez from Uruguay!

And finally...your average Premier League club's fan. Here.



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