Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Serbia vs. Albania Insanity, Ireland Draw With Germany, USA 1-1 Honduras

Yes, it's come to this.
Holy Christ. We thought we'd take some days off, but the shit hit the fan in Belgrade, Ireland grabbed a late draw with Germany, and the United States drew with Honduras. So, we're back. Let's hit it and quit it, beginning in Serbia...

Serbia vs. Albania: Abandoned

Now, then. There were a few matches that were actually completed. Played in full. We'll stick with Europe for the moment.

Germany 1 - 1 Republic of Ireland: Alan Smith at Stadion Gelsenkirchen
Poland 2 - 2 Scotland: Ewan Murray at the National Stadium

The U.S. of A. were in action down in Boca last night. Yes, the friendly confines of Florida Atlantic University's ground dished up a draw. BUT! Jozy Altidore scored. So, there's that. Check it:

USA 1 - 1 Honduras: Brian Strauss: Three Thoughts From FAU Stadium
USA 1 - 1 Honduras: Kevin McCauley: Three Things We Learned 

Our sentiments exactly...

This is interesting. Over 1,000 English fans flock to Dortmund for each of the their home matches. But, why? Cheaper? Better atmosphere? Oh.

Major League Soccer. The playoffs are coming up! Power Rankings? Bird's got 'em here.

And, finally: Dumbass.



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