Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Serbia/Albania Fallout, Sid Lowe and Many Others on 10 Years of Messi, Jonathan Wilson on Nigeria, Adriano to Le Favre?!, Gentleman Ultra's Alternative Serie A Guide To Napoli

Can we call it a comeback?

Thursday, yo, and everyone's still talking about what went down in Belgrade on Tuesday. The Albanian FA claims Serbian police attacked their players after the match was abandoned. UEFA are attempting to wipe off the egg they got on their face when they scheduled the match by hitting both associations with seven charges between them. For Serbia? “...the setting off/throwing of fireworks and missiles, crowd disturbance, pitch invasion by supporters, insufficient organisation and use of a laser pointer.” For Albania? “...refusing to play” and “display of an illicit banner.” Refusing to play? Really?! Refusing to play?! Good Lord.

Speaking of The Lord, thank Him, Her, It, That, Nothing, or Whatever for the return of club football this weekend. And thank Amy Lawrence for her Best and Worst of the Season So Far in the Premier League.

Don't thank anyone for Juventus' sexist move with the unveiling of their new "reporter." Good grief.

Do thank Le Havre for considering bringing Adriano back to action. We miss the guy!

Lo Stadio San Paolo, Napoli, Italia

The Gentleman Ultra is back! We're graced with a guide to Napoli. Grazie, Gentleman!

Did you hear that The Diving German basically said that MLS doesn't provide as competitive an environment for top players as some European leagues? Well, duh. For some reason, MLS Commish Donny Garber is all upset. Too bad. Dem's the facts.

No comment.
Jonathan Wilson is a favorite scribe of ours. Today, he's looking at the state of football in Nigeria. Their manager has just been sacked after a chaotic few months since the World Cup.

Wait. What? Sid Lowe has a piece, too? Sweet. What's it about? It is 10 years since Messi’s first-team debut, but when he arrived at the Camp Nou, aged 13, securing a contract was not simple. But, wait! There's more! Sid also has 10 Magic Messi Moments. Great! Want more Messi? Here you go! Want more more Messi? Here you go go! Want more more more Messi? Here you go go go!

The African Cup of Nations is in trouble. Morocco are set to host but they've bailed due to Ebola fears. Not good.

In that note...



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