Monday, September 08, 2014

Euro 2016 Qualifiers & Quiet

Well, hey there! Welcome to another week. There are some matches that matter, but sadly, thanks to those in the game who prefer to improve aspects like sponsorship revenue opportunities as opposed to action on the pitch, they don't matter as much. You see, in its infinite wisdom, UEFA has decided that 24 countries will be welcome at EURO 2016. That's too many. It means a lot of these qualifiers simply are not that important. And that's sad. It's sad because even though Albania stunned Portugal yesterday, the Portuguese will most like qualify anyway because there are so many open slots. It is Portugal, though, so you never know. Bad example...

What is also sad is all these meaningless friendlies and watered down qualifiers lead to injuries. Still interested? Here's a Guide. Still interested? We suppose it's a bit interesting to see how bad England are/have been. They play the Swiss today. Phil McNulty says they better not lose!

So! Enough of that. Let's turn that frown upside down with The Best Goals of the Week. Roberto Baggio via a gorgeous assist from Diego Maradona? Don't mind if we do.

What have we here? Ronaldinho has gone to Mexico? Oh, dear. Looks like the Buck-Toothed/Geri-Curled One is pulling a Tom Petty and Free Falling. Ouch.

You may have noticed that it's a bit slow this morning. Case in point: "Journalist attacked by thugs after asking Gyan about 'human sacrifice' rumours, brother arrested."

Yes, it's slow. So...finally...let's all welcome these WAGS to the Premier League.



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