Tuesday, September 09, 2014

England Win, Estonia Win, San Marino Lose, Montenegro Win, Fear The Zlatan

Hello, Tuesday! Yay! England won a match and it actually had some moments that were not completely snore-inducing. The tabloids can calm down. Here's more on that:

Switzerland 0 - 2 England: Daniel Taylor at St Jakob Park
Phil McNulty: Player Ratings

Elsewhere? Well, Spain crushed Macedonia, Slovakia beat Ukraine, Austria and Sweden drew, Russia beat Liechtenstein, San Marino lost to Lithuania (should we continue? Yes? OK), Montenegro beat Moldova, and Estonia edged Slovenia. Oh, and Luxembourg and Belarus drew. Ahem.

This match is on Fox Sports 1 at 12:00pm EDT today...
Today, Wales play Andorra, The Dutch go and play the Czechs, Kazakhstan host Latvia, Italy go to Norway, and there are other matches, too.

We've always maintained that you need to fear The Zlatan. It's one of the SSN Headquarters policies. Strict policies, they are. It turns out, we're not the only one who fears The Zlatan.

This is awfully fun: The 10 goals of the season in the 1980s. Those were that days...

It is Tuesday so we should check in with Major League Soccer and see who is leading the pack in terms of power. Bird claims that the assGalaxy have surged to the top of the Power Rankings. Bird also has his MLS Best XI for the week. It looks like Jason Davis agrees with Bird. He's also got the assGalaxy atop his Power Rankings.

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