Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético Madrid, Besktas 0-0 Arsenal, Barcelona Transfer Ban Upheld, Americans Abroad, Bayern Munich Reveal Their Bus

Hump Day once again, Amigos! 

Things got a wee bit nasty over in Istanbul last night where honors finished even between Besiktas and Arsenal. Bilic was sent to the stands, Ramsey was sent off, Ba crippled Arteta, and someone threw a bottle at Arsene Wenger. Dominic Fifield made the trek out to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium and filed this report. Here are Three PointsFive Talking Points from the match. What? How did Olivier Giroud perform, you ask? Here's one of his finer moments from last night.

In other action, Bilbao and Napoli drew as well. Check this wrap of the Tuesday matches.

I'm sorry. Did you say you're Serbian?
Over in Madrid, James scored for Real Madrid and Raúl García scored for Atlético Madrid. Both goals were late in a tightly contested contest. Do you think Sid Lowe was at the Bernabéu to check out the action and provide his insight? Better believe that! And here are Three Points.

Erik Lamela. Remember that guy? Spurs dropped £30 million on the Argentine kid and he scored one goal last year. Jonathan Wilson says hold it right there, folks. He's still good and he's still young. Don't right him off just yet.

Not cool, dude! OK? Totally not cool!

This: Barcelona will be unable to sign players until January 2016 once the current transfer window shuts, after world governing body Fifa rejected the club's appeal against a transfer ban.

Time to check in with the Yanks plying their trade outside of our fine nation. We've got two reports. One...and...Two.

Everyone loves own-goals! Here's a special one from the Everton Under-21s. Oh, dear...

And finally...THIS is how you unveil your official bus:




Bobbie BS said...

Did the bus come from Borussia Dortmund on a free? And did the bus break down before it had to drive Dortmund to a critical match against Bayern?

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