Friday, August 22, 2014

La Liga Returns, Bundesliga Returns, Premier League Previews, Balotelli to Liverpool, The Joy of Six, Mackay's Sick Texts

And there goes another week, Peeps! Mario Balotelli is back in England, this time with Liverpool. Yes, the Reds have ditched one crazy forward and found themselves a suitable replacement. Will he thrive or will he go bonkers? Before the move is finalized he has to agree to behave. But it'll happen. Italian expert Paolo Bandini thinks Liverpool may be just the place for Mario Balotelli to get back to basics. We shall see. Here's the question, though: Why is it always them?

Mario's back to lead the line at Liverpool...
The summer is finally over in Spain where La Liga kicks off tomorrow. Sid Lowe has a season preview and explains the oddity of the fact that Atlético Madrid are the Champions yet also underdogs. Here's another fun little preview worth your time. This weekend in particular? Oddly, the Spanish Super Cup has to finish this afternoon. Leg One finished 1-1 between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. Those two teams will begin their league season on Monday. Here's a preview.

In Germany, it's pretty much Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund. Those two sides stand apart from the rest of the league. Raphael Honigstein has a season preview and thinks Dortmund can defy the odds and challenge the might Bayern. This weekend in particular? Here's preview. Bayern Munich actually begin things this afternoon against Wolfsburg. Uli Hesse has a piece on the hilarious history of the Bundesliga opener. And, of course, since the Bundesliga is back, everyone's favorite Schalke supporter must make his return, as well. Welcome back, buddy!!

We've missed you...
Back in the Premier League, you'll have to wait until Monday for the biggie between Manchester City and Liverpool, but Everton/Arsenal, Tottenham/QPR, and Sunderland/Manchester United could all excite. Here's your mega-lot for the weekend in England (and Wales).

The Joy of Six! This week it's High-Scoring Football Draws. Enjoy the Joy.

Barney Ronay on the Transfer Window and why we want it shut. Now. Make it stop!! Wait. Not quite yet: The MillPlus OnePlus Plus One.

And finally...Ex-Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay apparently sent texts like this:

He's not alone, sadly. No real surprise, though.

Enjoy the weekend.



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