Thursday, June 05, 2014

Transfers, Friendlies, Previews, One Week To Go, The Gentleman Ultra Profiles Internazionale, The Zlatan, Silence in the Favela

Valencia shows the love to Sterling...
Right! It's all speculation and preparation and we're simply a bit sick of it all. Thankfully, we're down to one week until the Big Dance begins. Firstly, we'd like to alert you to a bit of charity. Friends of ours have a lovely World Cup Sweepstakes set up to benefit children in the Yucatan. Check it out here. For $20 you get a team and the chance to win $400. All profits go to Mayan youth. Do it.

Right! Uruguay played Slovenia: Sid Lowe has a scouting report.

Italy played Luxembourg: James Horncastle has a scouting report and there's this video of a Luxembourgian (?) player's ultra-fail at a long throw-in.

Mexico lost to Bosnia in Chicago. Raphael Ramos Villagrana says El Tri have lost their order. Good. Let's hope it stays lost. Wankers.

England played Ecuador down in Miami and things got a little hot. Daniel Taylor was at Sun Life Stadium and filed this report. And Phil McNulty thinks Woy needs to chill out when it comes to criticizing Barkley.

World Cup Previews: Group A
World Cup Previews: Group B
World Cup Previews: Group C
World Cup Previews: Group D

Podcast! Groups A-D Preview! With a week to go until things kick off in São Paulo, AC Jimbo and co run through the 16 teams that make up Groups A-D. Will Brazil be able to cope with the pressure? Can the Ivory Coast finally shine? And should Roy Hodgson drop Wayne Rooney?

The Zlatan's favorite teammate.

The Gentleman Ultra has another Serie A Alternative Club Guide and it's none other than Inter Milan. Go.

You know we love The Zlatan. That crazy, wigged out, ego-maniac with the massive schnoz. Grant Wahl had a chance to go one-on-one with the Swedish Superstar and took that chance. Apparently, The Zlatan wrote a book and Wahl says it's pretty damn good. Also, the best teammate The Zlatan ever had? Patrick Vieira.

Silence in the Favela: Love and Soccer in Brazil's Best Worst Place.

That's your lot for this Thursday. Keep it tite!



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Ridge Robinson said...

Raheem Sterling's red card was a poor decision, while Valencia should receive a fine. He twice came after Sterling in the seconds following Sterling's tackle including a hand to the throat. Lambert looked good in this game, scoring a goal and could easily have finished in Rooney's goal had Rooney not been one yard closer.

Mexico, on the other hand, need a lot of work to be ready for the World Cup. After limping into the tournament thanks to a 90th minute goal from the United States against Panama, they are still moping and at this rate, will take only a point or two in Brazil.

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