Tuesday, June 03, 2014

No Go For Falcao, Rossi's Gramps Is Pissed, The Most Significant Goal in U.S. Soccer History, Cool Shirts

Hello Hello! Sad news from the Colombian camp where it was announced that Falcao will not be playing in Brazil. There was some hope he'd be able to make it (he was named to the 30-man squad) but in the end his ligament damage was too much to overcome. It's a real shame from the neutral's point of view; we would have loved to see what he could have done on the big stage instead of just in Ligue Uhhhhhhhh.

As noted yesterday, another fellow not going to Brazil is New Jersey-born Giuseppe Rossi. His Grandfather, iconic winemaker Carlo Rossi, is not happy about it. At. All.

Sports Illustrated has been counting down the 10 Most Significant Goals in U.S. Soccer History (Men & Women). They're finally down to Number One. It's obviously Caligiuri’s wicked strike from 1989. Grant Wahl handled the recap on this one. Links to the other nine can be found on the left side of the screen.

Jame Milner. Boring, boring James Milner. Not so fast, says Phil McNulty!

We talked a lot of Qatar yesterday. Here's one more piece from Bond. David Bond.

It is Tuesday and that means Monday Musings from Gab Marcotti. Today Gab is gabbing about Qatar scandal implications, Rooney's status and Spain's squad.

Quite scary, indeed...

Oh, boy. The Mill. Plus One.

Need a T-Shirt? These are pretty sweet. We'll take Netherlands 1998, thank you very much.

We know the stars who will be at the World Cup, but who might surprise us? Here are six lesser-known dudes who could have a good Brazilian run.

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