Friday, May 30, 2014

The Mill Returns, The Joy Of Six, USA vs. Turkey, Driving From San Francisco To Salvador, AC Milan Mess, Arsène Wenger's World Cup Preview

And so goes another week. The Transfer Window is open and that means it's time for The Mill and all its various plusses to make a return. So, without further Freddy Adu, here you go:

There are a slew of friendlies set to take place over the next few days. Quite wisely, Amy Lawrence has chosen to take a look at Italy and their match tomorrow against Ireland at Craven Cottage. There are more than a couple strikers in the Italy 30 who are desperate to make the Italy 23.

The United States will also be in action in one of those friendlies. The USMNT host Turkey on Sunday at 2:00pm EDT (ESPN2) at Red Bull Arena in lovely Harrison, New Jersey, and The Diving German claims that Deuce is ready to go!

It's going to be hot in Brazil. Tim Vickery is worried. Thank you FIFA for mid-day kick-offs.

Ahhh, the Dutch. Those crazy Dutch. Drive from San Francisco to Salvador to see Holland vs. Spain? Why not? At least that's what a certain Ben Oude Kamphuis thought.

The Joy of Six! What else but World Cup Classics? And let's satisfy the hipsters with Top 10 World Cup Beards.

There are three stadia that will host the Yanks at the World Cup. You're talking venues in Natal, Manaus, and Recife. Let's take a closer look

James Horncastle is taking a closer AC Milan. Frankly, it's a mess. And here comes Inzaghi!

Arsenal's manager has graced us with a World Cup Group-by-Group Preview. It's actually pretty good. He doesn't even mention the U.S. or Mexico.

That'll do it!



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