Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Champions League Final Aftermath, The Bandinis, QPR Promoted, Cantona On FIFA, Germany Problems, USA IN SF

Madrid fans leave Lisbon with some cleaning up to do...
Well, well, well. That match certainly provided a fitting end to a crazy season of club football, eh? Let's get right to some of the finer articles on the matter:

Thanks to a Bobby Zamora goal, 10-man QPR beat Derby in a brutally unfair result to return the Premier League. 'Arry's back, folks. Stuart James was at Wembley where Derby dominated but simply could not score.

Podcast! Real Madrid did La Décima, QPR did Derby and return to the Premier League, and Yaya Touré didn't get his birthday cake. AC Jimbo, James Horncastle, Michael Hann and Sid Lowe are here to tell you all about it, bringing to an end a sensational season of Football Weekly.

Team USA play Azerbaijan tonight (10pm EDT on ESPN2) at Candlestick in San Francisco. Here's a wee preview.

Madrid fans urinate on Lisbon...
Eric Cantona has been making a movie in Rio. A documentary. Here's what he's got to say about SPECTRE FIFA, "...the Frenchman views Sepp Blatter’s “corrupt” governing body as “so powerful, stronger than any country”. Couldn't have said it any better ourselves.

Are you going to Brazil for the World Cup? Are you going to Recife? Here's an article about that town.

Paolo Bandini is one of our favorite scribes. He's all over Serie A and at the end of each campaign he unleashes his awards. Here you go: The Bandinis 2014: An utterly exhaustive review of the Serie A season. From the best shinpads to the worst misses, via a referee-shaped dog chew toy, it’s our end-of-season Italian awards.

Another scribe favorite is Raphael Honigstein. He's a German expert, don't you know? Today, he's talking the national team and worrying that injuries and the team diaspora remain threats to success.
This guy...
Donovan is not invited to the Big Party. Donovan gets angry. Donovan breaks MLS scoring record. Here are Five Things We Learned from the weekend in Major League Soccer. Power Rankings? Yes. Power Rankings again? Yes.

While his rival Ronaldo is basking in glory and getting naked for Vogue, Lionel Messi is quietly preparing for the World Cup. What the deal with Messi, anyway? Why don't people in Argentina go nuts for him? In his hometown of Rosario he's hardly honored at all.

Spurs are said to be closing in on a new gaffer in the form of one Mauricio Pochettino. Richard Jolly is curious as to whether Mauricio is a Martinez or a Moyes?

That would appear to cover what we'd like to cover.



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Ridge Robinson said...

Awesome win by Real Madrid as they finally ended their 12 year wait for La Decima....now time for La Undecimo.

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