Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Club Love, More Ince, Asprilla Porn Star Offer

Friday, Peeps! 

There will be football tomorrow (and today!) played on pitches between clubs. Clubs are associations or organizations dedicated to a particular interest or activity. And we love them here at SSN. Nations? Not so much. As such, we are quite excited about the upcoming program. And what a way to kick things off -- we've got an extremely attractive fixture thanks to the Italians. Napoli are in Rome this afternoon if you can manage to get away from the office or grab a stream and wish to partake in what should be a good one between the current Serie A leaders and the current Serie A second-placers. Check it at 2:45pm EDT on beIN Sport en Español. Or your stream. Elsewhere in Italy, Fiorentina host Juventus on Sunday and Inter go to Turin to face Torino. Here's a preview of all the weekend fun.

Since we're on the Continent, we might as well shuffle west and see what's up in Spain. What's up is all eyes are on Real Madrid because they're already five points adrift of their two biggest rivals: neighbors Atlético and Barcelona. Here's a preview of all the weekend fun.

As is customary, we'll continue our trek west, curve to the north, and check out the weekend menu for the Premier League. Things get going early tomorrow when Newcastle host Liverpool. There could a lot of goals in that one. The Joy of Six looks at the history of the fixture. Other intriguing matches include Aston Villa vs. Tottenham and West Ham vs. Manchester City. Here's the lovely list of links to get you pumped up:

Is Asprilla ready to spread his...wings?

We linked to Paul Ince's diatribe yesterday. Today, Barney Ronay takes a welcome stab at the nature of the beast that is profanity.

Manchester United? Richard Jolly takes a close look at the players at the club and who should be worried for their future.

Major League Soccer? The regular season is nearing its conclusion. The first trophy awarded will be the Supporters Shield. Who will win it? And, just because we love you, Reviews & Previews.

Santa Latina want Faustino Asprilla to be a porn star for a week. If anyone would do it, he would. A different kind of scoring? Oh!

Hey! You have fun out there.


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