Thursday, October 17, 2013

Deep Breath. Catch Up.

Celebrating in Sarajevo
Holy Moses. So much went down on Tuesday that we couldn't even get out of bed yesterday morning. It was all too much to handle. We felt like these guys who totally lost it when the U.S. gave Mexico a lifeline. Right, so the U.S. won in Panama (quite impressive) which means Mexico can still make the World Cup even though they lost in Costa Rica. Which is rather absurd, actually. Here are more images, videos, and words from all the CONCACAF craziness. And, as is customary, Grant Wahl has Three Thoughts.

Further south, Chile and Ecuador joined Colombia and Argentina on the bus/train/car/flight to Brazil while Uruguay earned the right to clash with Jordan. Yes, Jordan. Sam Kelly reviews the entire CONMEBOL qualifying saga here.

Bosnia are in! They will go to their first-ever World Cup. Dzeko is overjoyed.

England managed to qualify thanks to a win against Poland, but they won't be seeded. Neither will Italy. But Switzerland will. Go figure. Here's the breakdown. Iceland made the playoffs, too! Here's all the UEFA action.

Going to Brazil? The BBC World Service has this helpful post. Find out how much the meal at McDonald's will cost.

Things did not go so well for our old pal Bob Bradley. His Egypt side got walloped by Ghana 6-1. Ouch.

Moving away from the international game for a moment -- Arsene Wenger is doing his best Captain Obvious imitation with the admission that selling RVP caused unrest at the Emirates. Brilliant.

Paul Ince is in the news, too. He said "cunt" 15 times back in September during a nice little tirade.

We should spare a thought for Luis Suarez. He just keeps rocking -- gotta love him!


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