Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mark Halsey, Champions League, Yid Chants, Ronny's Teeth

How many times have we called Mark Halsey a wanker over the years? Well over 600 times, we're guessing. The guy is a wanker. That's the deal. Anyway, he wrote a book, apparently, and it confirms what we've said all along. He's a wanker. Marina Hyde takes a look.

Right, so the Champions Group stage got off and running yesterday. Bayern Munich win? Check. Manchester United win? Check. Real Madrid win? Check. Manchester City win? Check. PSG win? Check. Juventus win? No. They drew in Copenhagen. Here's a wrap of yesterday's action. Of note: In United's win last night, Wayne Rooney scored his 200th goal. Here's a look back at 10 of his best. Mr. Fake Hair is also the top English goal scorer in Champions League history. Who are the other nine?

David Moyes is already doing things differently than Fergie. Take a look.

Today's matches include Chelsea/Basel, Marseille/Arsenal, Barcelona/Ajax, and Milan/Celtic. A quick poll taken amongst SSN Staff revealed that the match of the day will probably be Napoli/Dortmund.
We're gonna miss you, old friend.

Oh, no. The Prime Minister has gotten involved. David Cameron said yesterday that it is acceptable for Tottenham fans to use the term "Yid" in their chants.

The Buck-Toothed Jheri-Curled One is now just The Jheri-Curled One. Yes, Ronaldinho got his teeth fixed. It's sad, really. We'll miss the old Ronny.

We'll finish up today with an excellent piece by our friend Laurent Dubois. Professor Dubois writes on the World Cup and how it exhibits the best and the worst.


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