Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chelsea Lose, Ask Keown, Europa League

All eyes on He Who Is Special.
Lionel Messi. Remember that guy? Turns out he's still got it. Another three for the little Argentine last night as Barcelona dispatched of Ajax. That wasn't really unexpected. What was unexpected was Basel beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Ouch. The Special One and his benefactor Roman were dealt a tough blow by the Swiss side. Henry Winter was there

Out in Milan, Celtic made a real go of it but came up short, and down in Marseille, Arsenal came away with a win. Stuart James made the trip to Stade VĂ©lodrome. And here are Three Things that we learned.

In the day's most attractive match (at least on paper), Rafa Benitez's Napoli defeated Borussia Dortmund.  It was all too much for Dortmund's gaffer Klopp who was sent off after this meltdown. Here's a wee wrap of all of yesterday's fun.

Right. If the Champions League was yesteryday, that must mean the Europa League is today. Not terribly exciting, is it? Here's a Five-Step Plan to improve that.

Ask Martin Keown. Go ahead, ask him.

And that's about it on this rather quiet Thursday. Take it easy.


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