Thursday, October 04, 2012

England manager Roy Hodgson apologises over Rio Ferdinand selection gaffe on London Underground

Hodgson was travelling to the Emirates to watch Arsenal play Olympiakos on Wednesday when he fell into conversation with some supporters. "I am disappointed that a stray conversation has been reported in that way," said Hodgson. "All I remember was that I was talking to quite a lot of people on the Tube and one guy said 'is Rio in the next squad?' and I think I might have said 'I don't think so'. It's a mistake and I need to apologise for that. "This is one of the hazards I suppose of travelling on Tube trains when you go up to London which is the best way for me to travel and then speaking to people who ask me questions rather than sitting there tight-lipped refusing to ever open my mouth. I've paid for it. I shall learn in future and maybe this will be a lesson for all the people who see me on the Tube in future: please don't be too offended if I refuse to answer any questions you ask me."

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