Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UEFA Champions League: Tuesday's Semi-final Second Leg Reports, Analyses, Fallout

Barcelona 2 - 2 Chelsea (agg. 2-3)

Henry Winter at Camp Nou
Daniel Taylor at Camp Nou
Richard Williams at Camp Nou

Player Ratings

Terry Explains Dismissal

Mark Ogden: That tops Liverpool in Istanbul.
Paul Hayward: Terry misses out on final after act of thuggery

Spanish Media Reaction

Gary Neville's Goalgasm

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Bobbie BS said...

John Terry is "not that kind of player." He would never knee an opponent in the back when the referee wasn't looking, he'd never racially abuse anybody, he'd never sleep with a teammate's girlfriend, he'd never sell his England Captain's luxury box at Wembley for profit, he'd never charge a group of undercover journalists 20K for an illicit tour of Stamford Bridge, his dad would never sell bags of cocaine and his mother would never shoplift from the Tesco. Not that kind of player.