Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Phil Ball in Spain

So, to twist that well-worn phrase, it's all over bar the pouting. There remains a philosophical possibility that Real Madrid could drop seven points in the next four games - the trip to San Mamés is a tricky one, and the game at Granada might also be more difficult than it looks, if the hosts are in need of a win to stay up, but there seems little point in clutching at straws. Real Madrid are champions elect, and probably deservedly so. Even the Catalan press, in harmony with Barcelona's own public show of 'saber perder' (know how to lose), were reasonably generous towards Madrid, which is something of a first. Nevertheless, Xavi, the arch-scowler, who always looks as if someone's just told him that his house has been burgled, spoiled it all by announcing to the press that 'Nosotros sabemos perder' (We know how to lose), which means of course that he doesn't - or else why say it? The implicit target of his remark, Real Madrid, are of course sore losers, but it was an unnecessary point to make. We know all this.

As they say in Yorkshire, Xavi should save his breath to cool his porridge.

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