Monday, April 09, 2012

Tim Vickery in South America

If the Titanic was too big to sink, then Santos FC would be too small to shake the world - flawed logic on both counts. On 14 April, 1912 - the very day the Titanic hit an iceberg which caused it to sink - Santos were founded, beginning their rise to become one of the most remarkable clubs in football history. Santos represent a relatively small city, with a population of a little more than 400,000, which grew to prominence as the port through which much of Brazil's coffee was exported. An hour's climb away is the metropolis of Sao Paulo, South America's biggest city, with more than 11 million inhabitants. Santos are the reigning champions of South America - a title that Corinthians, Sao Paulo's biggest club, are still waiting to win. Corinthians are the current domestic champions and are a major force. Sao Paulo FC have been Brazil's most consistent club over recent times and another local giant, Palmeiras, have a glorious history of their own. But, internationally, Santos are probably more famous and glamorous than them all, which is an extraordinary achievement.

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