Monday, April 09, 2012

Phil Ball in Spain

Sorry about my absence last week, but everything got kind of complicated. I crossed the Danube from Bulgaria into Romania last Sunday week, and headed for Bucharest, only to find that the 'derby' between Rapid and Dinamo was on a little too early for me to attend, and besides, the hotel receptionist told me that it was normally 'war'. So I went to bed instead. I regret that now, and may never get another chance to see the Bucharest battle, but I was whacked. Determined to write a piece last Monday nevertheless, I arrived in Paris on Monday afternoon to find my flight to Bilbao cancelled due to a pilots' strike on Air France. Fine - but the hotel they took me to had no wi-fi, and so I gave up. Instead of writing on La Liga I spent an interesting evening in the bar chatting to a Nicaraguan guy about the revolution, as you do. So apologies for the no-show.

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