Wednesday, January 04, 2012

American Player Rankings: 2012 brings changes to the list

Welcome to the first set of American Player Rankings for 2012. Last year these rankings looked a little different. There were only five "ranked" players weekly, and in all honesty it just didn't do justice to what this article should be about. With that in mind, there's going to be some changes for 2012. We'll double the number of players ranked weekly, and to open the year the rankings are going to give you an outlook on which 10 players should have the best year. In other words, this first list is simply my thoughts on who the top 10 American players going right now are regardless of club or if they represent the national team. That will all change as the year moves forward, and those of you that follow the list regularly understand already that play for the USA will be heavily factored in down the road.

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