Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Mavericks: Charlie George: Highbury Hero

Tall, strong, powerful in the air and a good passer, Arsenal legend Charlie George was an entertainer on and off the pitch who became an instant hero and the darling of Highbury in the early 1970s. Described as ''A bona fide Cockney rebel'' by journalist Jon Wilde, George, like many footballers of the 1970s, was a rough diamond and someone who courted controversy wherever he went. His many bust-ups with managers, players and fans saw him loved and hated in equal measure, but ultimately his combative personality would see him only ever play one game for England.

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Bobbie BS said...

"I never got an erection after scoring a goal."

He's the anti-CR9, the guy who plays with an erection the whole time.