Thursday, September 01, 2011

SSN Exclusive: US Open Cup Semifinal : Bobbie's Hospitality Report

Last night the Chicago Fire beat the Richmond Kickers 2-1 at Toyota Park to advance to the US Open Cup final in Seattle on 9/10. It was a well played game which the ref allowed to get pretty physical without getting out of hand. You can read all about it here. On our way to the seats my cohort Rodger and I were accosted by a member of the Fire's corporate hospitality staff and asked if we'd like a complimentary seating upgrade courtesy of American Airlines. I'm not afraid to look a gift horse in its mouth, and this one seemed to have all of its teeth intact so we graciously accepted her offer.

The plebe's view of our seats.

We were escorted to a nice little table set up at the edge of the field and were introduced to the hospitality staff who informed us that we'd be enjoying a four course meal and free drinks. We informed them that we are both vegetarian and they said they'd have to consult with the chef to see what they could do for us. The cheese plate arrived in short order.

Rodger and Bobbie enjoying the cheese plate

A better view of the cheese plate

Frankly the cheese was a bit disappointing, though solid- cafeteria grade cheddar, some mild blue cheese and a standard wedge of brie. Garnish options included nuts, honey and some sort of plum jelly which was quite nice. There was a huge amount of melon on the plate as well as a nice helping of pineapple. While we snacked a slight drizzle started and our server brought us complimentary ponchos. We also enjoyed the sight of the excellent Sebastian Grazzini scoring from the penalty spot.

Grazzini Takes a Penalty

The entrees were fresh mozzarella sandwiches with tomato on baguette. Sadly the chef was overly generous with whatever weird aioli he was using that night and the whole experience was somewhat soggy. Still, we were well into the free Heineken at that point so it hit the spot.


We were served dessert in the 83rd minute while the Fire easily kept the ball out of reach of the Kickers. It was a delightful red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting- easily the best of the food we were served.


We were polishing off the last of the crumbs as the final whistle sounded. Rodger and I downed our last beers and headed for the exit, though not before paying a visit to the excellent new fan shop to pick up a pair of Fire Zubaz for the wife.

Bobbie and Sparky


virginia said...

i am totally amazed. your g+ post did not do your hosts justice.

The Editor said...

I'll only fly American from now on...