Monday, August 15, 2011

Cesc Fábregas signs Barcelona contract to finalise Arsenal departure

Cesc Fábregas has signed a five-year contract with Barcelona, finally sealing his departure from Arsenal, the Spanish club has announced. The midfielder, who has had a €200m (over £175m) buy-out clause inserted in his contract, arrived at Camp Nou on Monday morning after undergoing a medical and is now set to be presented to local media. Barcelona posted a comment on their official Twitter feed which read: "Cesc has signed his contract which ties him to Barcelona until 2016. The buy-out clause is 200 million euros."

After penning his contract with the Catalan club Fábregas, wearing the No4 shirt, was presented to the fans at Camp Nou.

Breaking the bank for Cesc


Bartholomew said...

We all knew it was going to happen and its just too bad the club could not take advantage of having him for 8 years.

We have high expectations because of Arsene's success but the Fabregas era was so disappointing because Arsenal were 2 players away almost every season. Cesc and Arsenal supporters deserved better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bartholomew, still, disappointing news.

The Editor said...

It's a good point, Bartholomew. This time (post Invicibles, pre ???) will be known as the Fabregas era and will be remembered as a massive waste of talent. Two (or even one) critical signing would have made the difference, especially when you look at the comparative lack of quality at other clubs competing for trophies.

Pedro said...

And why is that? It's not like Arsenal lack funds. Wenger doesn't like bringing in established players? He says he fears Arsenal are become a feeder club, but actions reflect that. Rising talent brought in and then leaves rather than making Arsenal a destination for the established tier.

The Editor said...

Yes, that's right.

Bobbie BS said...

1. Cesc is only worth 35 million until the moment they sign him at which point his value jumps to 175 million? Fuck Barca.
2. Feelings of relief about this drama being past are similar to those you might feel after finally eating that shit sandwich that's been sitting on your plate- at least it's over but it's going to be feeling a hell of a lot worse once you're digesting it.
3. Gunners fans, enjoy selling Nasri to Man City as well and confirming your status as the new Aston Villa on the block. Looking up at Spurs is going to hurt your necks.