Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Steve Davis: Increasing MLS playoff field is all wrong

When it comes to MLS playoffs and the tricky business of postseason design, every structure falls into one of two categories: "imperfect" or "even more imperfect." So it is with the new format being finalized. Commissioner Don Garber and the league's board of directors are adjusting the postseason structure -- the deciders just haven't quite decided yet on the final tweaks. One element that has remained pleasingly stable through the years is the number of playoff teams. It has always been eight, going back to the days when Kansas City was the Wiz (two rebrandings back) and Carlos Valderrama was anchored inside the center circle for Tampa Bay, a team that no longer exists and probably never should have.

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Bobbie BS said...

Playoffs are unnecessary, but we're not getting around that. The NFL allows 8 of 32 teams in, which seems about right or even a bit high. MLB allows 8 of 29 and wants to allow too more, which is too many. Garber as always thinks that "growing the league" means pandering to cable TV contracts rather than the fans, who generally speaking don't really like watching their teams mail it in until August. However the worst pander is yet to come- the USSF is going to force MLS to go to the European schedule in order make Blatter happier about our next World Cup bid which is going to fail anyway. Because it's too hot in the summertime in Germany to play league games fans in Toronto and Chicago have to sit through home games in 12 degree weather? The Russian and Scandinavian leagues don't have to do this, but I guess they're not winning any World Cup bids either. Didn't seem to hurt the South American countries either, but showing some spine is not really what Don Garber is all about.