Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Quotes & Chants of the Week

"The sandwiches were fantastic today - all the lads made a comment because they didn't think they were going to get any!"
Neil Warnock on a roll after troubled Crystal Palace's 2-0 defeat of Peterborough.

"Perhaps they should call me Moses, as I led them out of the wilderness."
Bolton boss Owen Coyle cranks up the biblical references after Burnley fans taunted him with chants of "Judas" during their meeting at the Reebok.

"The scarf is cool. I want one. Mancini is certainly cooler than that Taggart from across the road. He's a good manager but he looks like a dustbin man."
Some might say there's no love lost between Liam Gallagher and Sir Alex Ferguson.

"Philippe was as good as we were going to get in our situation."
Philippe Senderos gets a ringing endorsement from new boss David Moyes after joining Everton on loan from Arsenal.

"90 years old, that's fantastic. If I can even get halfway there I'd be happy."
A not-so-optimistic Steve Bull, who turns 45 in March, talking about Wolves legend Bert Williams turning 90.

"Same old Terry, always cheating."
Burnley fans after John Terry committed a foul.

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