Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Quotes & Chants of the Week

"I can shake hands with who I want."
Arsene Wenger defends his decision not to touch gloves with Mark Hughes following Arsenal's 3-0 League Cup defeat to Manchester City.

"Bobby Moore was a national hero...they are all legends and that's what we would emulate. If we did...well, the West Ham fans might even forgive me everything! Maybe they'd claim me back as one of their own."
Lampard on the possibility of a Hammers love-in if England win the World Cup.

"I've a mate who for the past three years has taken his pals to the USA for a golf tournament against American pals. They have had a great time - the golf was great and the lads got on well. They took the wives this year and it was a disaster. All the wives had an argument and I think it's been cancelled for next year."
Harry Redknapp on why he's glad the WAGs won't be out in force at the World Cup.

"This is not a must-win game for Portsmouth, it's a game they must win."
5 live Commentator during the build up to Portsmouth v Burnley (isn't that a must win game, then?)

Barnet fans: "1-0 to the Barnet boys!"
Bournemouth fans: "1-0 to the referee!"
Barnet fans: "Referee, referee referee...sign him up, sign him up, sign him up!!"

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