Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Homeless World Cup Tee Shirt - Limited Edition

The Homeless World Cup is an organization working to change the lives of homeless soccer players across the world.

The Homeless World Cup is a street soccer event, which is fast and entertaining. Each match, officiated by a referee, lasts for 14 minutes, that’s 7 minutes each way with a one minute break for half –time. The standard of the players and the teams vary greatly.

The policy of the Homeless World Cup is to be as inclusive as possible whilst keeping the true magic of competitive sport alive. Different qualifying or elimination stages are played throughout the week so that everyone ends up playing for a cup no matter what the ability of the team is. The better teams play for the top trophy, next best for the second trophy and so on. All players receive a medal.

soccerpro.com has a great promotion in progress where revenue from T-shirt purchases will be donated to the Homeless World Cup. Get one now!

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