Friday, May 08, 2009

Quotes & Chants of the Week

"The horrible part of football is you fall in love with your players."
Sir Alex Ferguson on the pitfalls of being a boss.

"It was a respectable performance."
Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink on Barcelona's run-of-the-mill 6-2 thrashing of Real Madrid.

"Casper Ankegren's a bit of a Dracula-type keeper... doesn't like crosses."
From Leeds v Hartlepool commentary on Radio Leeds

"Cristiano Ronaldo, no doubt a fantastic player, but look at him sitting down in the box, looking like he's going to cry... like a little girl. No doubting his talent, but he is a squinny. An absolute squinny."
Chris Wise on Pompey's 107.4 The Quay radio during the United v Pompey match.

"You should have stayed on the telly!"
The Kop to Alan Shearer on Sunday. Followed closely by the Match of the Day theme tune.

"You should have been an X-Man!"
Chant directed to Peter Crouch at the Newcastle-Portsmouth match.

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