Monday, April 21, 2008

SSN: Eye on America

Major League Soccer is nearly a month in and we've seen enough of the league to start to draw some early conclusions. Most of the usual suspects have looked weak thus far; DC United is having trouble finding consistency with their bevy of new players, New England is struggling with injury and Houston are looking a shadow of the side that has won MLS Cup for the last two seasons. Toronto FC, Colorado and Real Salt Lake have surprised some, as has Columbus. The Chicago Fire continue to puzzle, with log stretches of possession rarely leading to the number of goals their fans would like. The Galaxy have surprised few with their spotty early form and Red Bull have proven that a new coach doesn't mean a new approach if he doesn't bring in the players he needs. Here's a quick overview of the last weekend's action, a look at early season form and an interview with the former Captain America, Claudio Reyna.

Sunday MLS Summary
Saturday MLS Summary
DC Untied fall to the Columbus Crew

Ten things you should know after MLS Week 4 Apparently nobody needs to know that Fire keeper Jon Busch is 8" too short to play keeper, can't deal with high balls into the box and makes poor decisions about when to come off of his line.

Ives Galercep reviews MLS teams offseason moves.

Interview with Claudio Reyna

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