Monday, August 06, 2007

Beasley still upbeat after bruising SPL debut

DaMarcus Beasley has refused to become a victim of the SPL bullies after being handed a brutal introduction to Scottish football.

From The Times:
The game was also blessed with some fine bits of aggro, such as the way Ross Tokely, an Inverness defender who looks like he is built for caber-tossing, hatcheted down Rangers’ DeMarcus Beasley as the American tried to break forward in the second half. While Kenny Clark, the referee, missed the incident, Beasley had plenty to say about it later.

“I’ve always been a small guy and been picked on a bit, but today it was a little bit over the top,” the American said of Tokely’s challenge. “I’ve had it my whole life. Today, I just didn’t jump away quick enough and he got me a couple of times. The guy is bigger than me and guys like that always try to kick you around a bit. I try to be smart about it and I know how to deal with it.

“He caught me when I was running through and he kicked me. It’s the sort of thing that shouldn’t happen in football, but it does. Someone could get seriously injured. I think everyone saw it except the ref. I told him [Tokely] I wasn’t scared of him. We had a little bit of banter - it was OK.”

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