Thursday, February 22, 2007

Henry plays through the pain barrier for Arsenal cause

If he's not 100% he should not be playing. End of story. Arsenal have proved that they don't need him on the pitch to be successful and he's been poor of late. I understand that he wants to be playing but he needs to suck it up and wear the uniform he's wearing in this picture until he's healthy. The fact that he is captain only makes things worse. -Sanford


Bobbie BS said...

If Henry sits the remaining forwards are Adebayor, Baptista (sort of) and Aliediare. I agee that he shouldn't be starting as much but to sit him entirely with this many injuries up top already is a tough call.

The Editor said...

I find Baptista to be far more effective as a striker up front than coming from the midfield. Freddie can play as a withdrawn striker, as can Theo.