Friday, January 12, 2007

Beckham's wages to dwarf other MLS stars


Bobbie BS said...

I think this deal sucks. I thought the "Beckham Exemption" sucked to begin with, especially as the Galaxy already has Lando signed for a figure far larger than his official cap number. This rule only helps the Galaxy & Red Bull since no major stars are going to want to sign with KC or Colorado (remember Gilles Grimadi?), etc. What happens when Michael Owen is ready to come to MLS but he wants to play with Beckham? We add another exception because it's good for the league to have the attenetion? And what about other foreign stars coming over; does Vieri get $10 as well? What about Ronaldo, he's not even 30 yet, he must be worth at least that. I think this does a lot to take away any edge that smaller teams can find in regard to scouting, coaching, etc. And lastly, the most horrible thought of all; if Beckham gets the right flank for the Gals, where's Cobi going to play? Bobbie's prediction: MLS bankrupt within 10 years.

The Editor said...

I agree - it goes in the face of everything the league has stood for and that has made the league a success thus far.