Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gunners Guilty of Gargantuan Gaffs

I'm not sure I've ever seen a match quite like this. The misses were so pronounced and so constant over the course of the 94 1/2 minutes. It was like some sort of Xtreme Arsenal, with them running completely rampant and causing CSKA all sorts of problems with their movement and precision but then failing so horribly in front of goal. Rosicky's "shot" (what do you call it?) was completely bizarre. Adding to the oddity of it all was the fact that Moscow did not score. When it is so one-sided yet the team dominating cannot score, it is almost inevitable that the team under pressure will get a counter attack goal. Vagner Love left Gallas for dead with a sick move but then allowed Lehman to make an exceptional save. I wonder if he had scored there if the floodgates would have opened and The Ars would have won 5-1? Probably not. Not on this night to remember.

Here's decent summation of the misses if you missed (sorry) the match:



Anonymous said...

G, you're spot on when you say it was Xtreme Arsenal. Not just the misses, but also Wenger's review of the game:

"...maybe the best Champions League game since I have been here"

It seems the whole organization could do with a trip to the optician.

ps. Rosicky's miss was straight out of the Jim Finn school of soccer.

The Editor said...

Well, we know Arsene's needed an optician for years - how often does he claim not to have seen things!?

Certainly the best CL match I've seen by the Gunners in the history of the tournament...if the object is to play keep-away and not score.