Friday, October 06, 2006

It's time once again to play...Who's the Uglier Footballer?

Jeff Agoos?

Or Carlos Puyol?


Anonymous said...

You're an asshole. Puyol is beautiful in his own way and all of Spain loves him for it. Agoos just looks like a washed up porno star who watches himself go at himself in the mirror while saying, "yeah go stud, you've still got it".

Enjoy beerfest.

Anonymous said...

At the Ch.L draw Puyol was wearing a suit and it was quite a sight. His hair was all shiny and his monster nose seemed to have been polished.

But Agoos wins hands down. He's ugly in ever sense.

Yeah arsehole, enjoy beerfest...if you can see your pint thru the chemical smog.

The Editor said...

Interesting...I'm glad I could illicit some strong reactions. I think Mr. Agoos is beautiful. And Carlos? Que barbaro.