Wednesday, October 14, 2015

USA=ASS, Dutch Disaster, Goals of the Week

What a fabulous Hump Day! The weather is glorious, the international break is OVER, and the water cooler at SSN Headquarters is so fresh and so clean. We'll begin stateside today. Specifically, Energy Drink Arena up in Jersey. The U.S. hosted Costa Rica and...lost. Can we please ditch the Diving German now? Please? The guy's a frickin' joke! Here's the fallout:

USA 0 - 1 Costa Rica: Grant Wahl at Red Bull Arena
USA 0 - 1 Costa Rica: Kyle McCarthy at Red Bull Arena
USA 0 - 1 Costa Rica: Report
USA 0 - 1 Costa Rica: Three Quick Thoughts
USA 0 - 1 Costa Rica: Three Things We Learned

Meanwhile, over in Eindhoven, the Dutch lost to the Czechs and that means they will not be in France next summer. Ouch! The loss was compounded by this lovely own-goal courtesy of Robin van Persie. Here's all you need to know about next summer's showcase:

Holland 2 - 3 Czech Republic: Three Thoughts
Kevin McCauley: Why the Netherlands stink

Premier League Statistics: The good, the bad and the ugly of the season so far

They're already involved in trying to get to World Cup 2018 down in CONMEBOL. Here's a wrap of yesterday's action. Argentina drew and Brazil won.

Interesting piece here on Barcelona and their kiddos not getting playing time. And some people getting upset about it. Interesting. But, we already said that.

And finally...Ronny is the King of the Selfie!



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