Thursday, October 08, 2015

Klopp, FIFA Freakshow, Euro 2016 Action, Jordan Morris, Grant Wahl on USA vs. Mexico

Thursday, yo! Off we go!

Well, it's finally official. Jurgen Klopp is the new Liverpool gaffer. Good luck to you, sir.

Meanwhile, SPECTRE FIFA continues to fall apart while the world watches and cheers. Yay! Fuck FIFA. Here's your lot on the evildoers...

Gabriele Marcotti: FIFA continues to unravel

Matches that matter today during our Interlull. Countries from Europe attempting to make the tourny in France this summer. Here's your lot on all of that...

Euro 2016 Qualifying: How teams can make it to France
Euro 2016 Qualifiers: 10 Things To Look Out For
Euro 2016 Qualifiers: Four Teams To Watch
Ireland vs. Germany: Preview
Scotland vs. Poland: Not all about Lewandowski
Albania vs. Serbia: Nick Ames in Elbasan
Northern Ireland vs. Greece: Preview

Meanwhile, down in South America, they're already beginning the process of trying to get to the World Cup in wherever the fuck it is in 2018. James Young checks in and tells us that a lot of the stars of CONMEBOL are hurt.

Yikes. Not fun being Víctor Valdés these days, is it? Dude used to be Barcelona's starting keeper. Now he's not even allowed to see his ManU teammates.

Great article here about Jordan Morris, as well as the college vs. pro set-up. Morris is an up and comer on the USMNT who has decided to play for Stanford instead of going pro.

Jonathan Wilson is talking about the Premier League and how its crazy start only adds to the intrigue. We agree.

USA vs. Mexico! Bring it! It is a complex rivalry, of course.

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