Thursday, March 26, 2015

Denmark Defeat the United States, Jonathan Wilson on Argentina

Hello, Friends! It was a pretty classic match in Europe for the USA Men's team yesterday. Shambolic defending (even Nick Bendtner can get a hat-trick against these clowns), another great game from Jozy Altidore (Sunderland fans shaking their heads in bewilderment), and another match where possession was at a premium. Yes, the U.S.A. went down 3 - 2 to The Claire Danes in Aarhuus. Here's all you need on that:

Denmark 3 - 2 United States: Simon Evans at NRGi Park

Denmark 3 - 2 United States: Three Things That Stood Out
Denmark 3 - 2 United States: Five Things We Learned
Denmark 3 - 2 United States: Winners and Losers

Finally, some Argentina news and analysis. We feel like there's been a dearth of coverage from down there lately. Good thing Jonathan Wilson is on the case. Here's his lead: Can Gerardo Martino end Argentina’s cup drought with Copa América glory?

Speaking of Argentina, they're in D.C. to play El Salvador on Saturday. So, of course, they went to watch Les Boullez.

That's all there is, peeps. We'll be back tomorrow with Euro 2016 qualifying crap.



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