Tuesday, February 03, 2015

'Arry Bails on QPR, Scribes, FA Cup, Goals of the Week, Bundesliga Mid-Week Action

Buh Bye.

It's a glorious Tuesday at SSN Headquarters, and we hope your week is progressing well. We've matches today, friends, and they matter! The FA Cup has replays for Cambridge United & Manchester United, along with Fulham & Sunderland. The Bundesliga is back with a bang and a set of mid-week clashes; Bayern Munich will attempt to bounce back from their shocker against Wolfsburg when they host Schalke later. Meanwhile, in Italy, Roma and Fiorentina will meet in the Copa Italia.

What else? Well, Harry Redknapp has resigned as manager of QPR. Obviously, the form of Rangers has been so bad he's been forced to leave. Wait. What? It's because of a knee operation? How convenient. Nice one, 'Arry! Very sneaky. Is it his final act? Let's hope so...

Goals of the Week

Alas, the Transfer Window is closed. We joke, because we are pleased, and not sad, by end of the mid-season silly season. Michael Cox has a list of the 10 Best January Transfers Worldwide for you to judge here, should you care to reflect. More? Fine. What did we learn?

Where? Brazil. Who? Tim Vickery. What? 21st century stadiums, 19th century calendar

Where? Germany. Who? Raphael Honigstein. What? For Bayern Munich defeat is always disaster, but maybe this one isn’t

It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for Marcotti's Musings. This week, Gab is gabbing about Chelsea and Man City accept draw, Barcelona and Real Madrid impress.

Right. The FA Cup. Fourth Round Replays. Manchester United vs. Cambridge United. Here's your Preview

Right. The Bundesliga. Time to make up some matches after all that time off over the holidays. Here's your Preview.

Right. Copa Italia. Roma vs. Fiorentina. Rome vs. Florence. Warriors vs. Artists, or something like that. Here's your Preview, from a Roman perspective. 

Want a European Team of the Week? Here. Have at it.

And finally...Anderson and Zaha have left United. Who are the Ten Worst Fergie Signings ever?



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