Friday, January 02, 2015

Spurs Spank Chelsea, Gerrard to Leave Liverpool, More on Zelalem, FA Cup Previews, La Liga Returns, Andy Carroll's House

Happy New Year and Happy Friday!

There's nothing like a New Year's Day of footie to get things rolling around SSN Headquarters. The Big Result from yesterday was this: Tottenham 5 - 3 Chelsea. Elsewhere, Lamps lifted City to victory over Sunderland, United and Stoke drew, Southampton and Szczęsny defeated Arsenal, Liverpool and Leicester drew, and Everton lost again. Let's examine...

Tottenham 5 - 3 Chelsea: Dominic Fifield at White Hart Lane
Tottenham 5 - 3 Chelsea: Barney Ronay at White Hart Lane
Stoke City 1 - 1 Manchester United: Stuart James at the Britannia Stadium
Manchester City 3 - 2 Sunderland: Five Talking Points
Southampton 2 - 0 Arsenal: David Hytner at St. Mary's

As noted in the subject line, Stevie G has decided it's time to leave the club he's been with since 1934 so he can spend more time listening to Phil Collins. The Liverpool icon will depart at the end of the season. Daniel Taylor thinks it's the right move. As do we. Here are his Five Best Moments as Liverpool player. The "United Piledriver" sticks out for the Editor because he saw the shot on a big screen in a pub in Highbury. An odd memory...

It was reported earlier in the week that Gedion Zelalem is an American citizen and will likely join the U.S. Men's National Team. Let's take a closer look at this lad with Nick Ames, shall we?

No surprise here: Andy Carroll has no taste.

Nice use of LinkedIn...

It was also reported earlier in the week that Fernando Torres is returning to Atlético Madrid. Top scribe Richard Williams looks at Torres' "strange journey from storm-force striker to bargaining chip." Meanwhile, Top scribe Sid Lowe says that getting Torres back together with his old captain Diego Simeone could result in something special.

Sticking with La Liga, here's a Preview for the weekend. Their winter break is over!

It's FA Cup time as the Third Round gets underway tomorrow. Here are Ten Things to Look Out For. And a Preview. And...another Preview.

Grant Wahl says City keeping Lampard from NYC ain't right. Agreed.

And finally, Ronaldhino won New Year's Eve.



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