Thursday, October 23, 2014

Real Madrid Thump Liverpool, Arsenal Escape With Three Points, Tear Gas in Lille, Sid Lowe on Suárez, Super Mario Shirt Swap

Hey Hey! Great action yesterday as Ronaldo and Real showed the gulf in class between Liverpool and Real Madrid (and Super Mario did a half-time shirt exchange), Arsenal were awful but still somehow managed to grab a late win, Olympiakos shocked Juventus, and Sporting were robbed in their game against Schalke and want a rematch. Check it:

Liverpool 0 - 3 Real Madrid: Phil McNulty at Anfield
Liverpool 0 - 3 Real Madrid: Daniel Taylor at Anfield
Liverpool 0 - 3 Real Madrid: Three Things We Learned
Liverpool 0 - 3 Real Madrid: Five Talking Points
Anderlecht 1 - 2 Arsenal: Three Things We Learned
Anderlecht 1 - 2 Arsenal: Three Points

Luis Suárez's ban is about to end. Sid Lowe wants to talk about it. That makes us happy.

Meanwhile, over in Lille, Everton fans awaiting their side's Europa League match were greeted with teargas. Smashing. Interested in the Europa League? Here.

So, Borussia Dortmund are cruising through their Champions League group, but are struggling mightily in the Bundesliga. What's wrong?

And finally...Manchester United v Arsenal: Pizzagate revisited - 10 years on.



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