Monday, August 04, 2014

Let's Get This Show On The Road

Hello Hello Hello! It's Monday, the Football League begins this weekend in the UK, the Charity Community Shield is this Sunday, and The Guardian has begun its Premier League Season Preview Series. What does this all mean? It means SSN Headquarters is back in action, baby. The water cooler is full, the staff have returned from vacation, and the bills are paid. It's pretty much all UK stuff since the continental leagues don't begin until later, but let's get to it.

Nice shirt.
There have been a bunch of friendlies of late. We don't care about them. The one in The Big House was mildly interesting simply because The Editor and Mrs. Editor spent a few years enjoying its environs, but after 10 minutes of checking out the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United, it was obvious that no more time needed to be wasted.

As noted above, the yearly alphabetical rundown of Premier League clubs' chances for the upcoming campaign has been initiated by our favorite English daily. As such, we give you The First Two:

Matches that matter begin in the UK this weekend with clashes such as Dagenham & Redbridge vs. Morecambe and Accrington Flat Stanley vs. Southend United. And Middlesborough vs. Birmingham City. Louise Taylor takes a look at the upcoming season in the UK's lower tiers.

The Transfer Window remains open and there have been quite a few new arrivals in the Premier League. John Brewin examines 10 in his article here. And...speaking of's the logical segue:

Southampton was a fun team to watch last year, were they not? Lallana, Shaw, Lambert & Co. played some lovely football at times and surprised quite a few pundits. So, it's a bit sad that none of those guys play for Southampton anymore. Ben Smith's got the inside story of the great Southampton sell-off.

Stuart Holden. Remember that guy? So much promise, so many injuries. Jeff Carlisle checks in with the former Yank Abroad as he attempts yet another rehab in order to try and take the field again for Michael Bolton Wanderers.

That'll do for today as we ease back into things.



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