Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Holy %#*&()@$$^*$, Argentina vs. Netherlands

Oh, the humanity!
Did you place a bet on Germany to defeat the host nation of Brazil by a score of 7-1? No? Neither did we. Holy moly, though, that was fun to watch. Karma certainly is a bitch, eh Brazil? Let's get to the fun!

Brazil 1 - 7 Germany
Fernando Duarte: A haunting defeat
Grant Wahl: Three Thoughts

OK, OK, OK. We know you're all wondering, "What if Milton Did Post-Match Analysis For Germany-Brazil?" Well, guess what?

There is another one today, folks. Argentina and the Netherlands go at it in Sao Paolo at 4pm EDT on ESPN. Here's what you need for that one:

Argentina vs. Netherlands
Marcela Mora y Araujo: The View From Argentina
Bart Vlietstra: The View From Holland
Grant Wahl: Video Preview
Gabriele Marcotti: The Final Push

Man. We still need to tackle the Silly Season. Here we go: The Mill. Plus One. Plus Plus One.

We're going to end with Jim White of The Telegraph. Here's his headline: Brazil's embarrassment was the ultimate reckoning for a World Cup tournament built on a lie. Yup.



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