Friday, May 09, 2014

Final Premier League Weekend, Ronaldo In 1998, Juventus, PSG, Sunderland, World Cup Rosters

Fulham vs. Palace on E! West Brom vs. Stoke on Oxygen. Syfy for Southampton/United.
And there goes another one! Welcome to Friday, friends. It's the final day of the season in the Premier League and The Guardian has 38 Key Moments in the Season for us to look back on. It's really all up to Man City to finish the job against West Ham. Cardiff, Fulham, and Norwich have already been relegated. Here's your lot (the last until August!!) for Super Sunday when NBC will broadcast every match:

Just how did Sunderland pull off The Great Escape? Jonathan Wilson examines.

World Cup Stunning Moment #15: What the hell happened to Ronaldo in '98? The dude was unstoppable and then all of a sudden went limp. Fever? Panic attack?

So Juventus had quite the year. Where do they go from here? James Horncastle takes a look at The Old Lady.

Top Tenner? Comebacks. You know 1999 will be in there. And 2005 in Istanbul...

Major League Soccer? Weekend Previews. More Weekend Previews. The Fire still haven't won a match this season. Yikes.

Paris Saint-Germain. They've got money now. They can buy big-time players. They've won two League Uhhhhhhhhh titles in a row. And...wait for it...their success has pushed their small group of far-right supporters to the periphery. Yay!

Fernando Torres' career in England is a tale of two-halves. Richard Jolly looks at the tale.

In Italy, there's still plenty to play for in terms of relegation. Catania...Liverno...Bologna? Here's your Week 37 Preview.

In Spain, Real Madrid slipped up mid-week dealing their title aspirations a mighty blow. And, Ronny got hurt. Here's your Weekend Preview. There's one round to go after this weekend.

Who is going to Brazil? Here's a helpful list of everyone in every country that's been announced.

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