Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Real Madrid Crush Bayern Munich, Chelsea vs. Atlético Madrid, Geoff Cameron Interview, Istanbul Derby

Robben remains upbeat despite the defeat.

A good Humpday to you and yours. Damn. Well. That was not what we expected. No, we did not turn our attention to the Champions League Semi-Final Second Leg between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in Munich yesterday afternoon and expect to watch as Real Madrid steamrolled the defending champs. You almost expected Roberto Duran to show up and say to the ref, "No mas."

0-4 in favor of the Spaniards is how it finished. If you already thought Arjen Robben was the oldest looking 30-year-old on the the planet, it's just that much worse now. Let's look back at yesterday's mauling:

Bayern Munich 0-4 Real Madrid (agg: 0-5): David Hytner at the Allianz Arena

Yanks Abroad. You gotta love 'em. Even though Geoff Cameron plays for Stoke and has bad hair, we still love him. ESPN interviewed him.

Nice work, Norwich fans. When asked to vote for their player of the season, the majority decided to go with reserve keeper Carlo Nash, who has never seen action for the side. That's a novel way to express your frustration, and we approve.
Diego is confident ahead of the trip to Stamford Bridge...
Ooooo. Don't miss this great article on the Istanbul Derby from Spencer Hall. Riveting!

There is another match today and we're confident it'll feature some managerial antics from the Special One and a black on black on black on greasy hair suit from Simeone:

Chelsea vs. Atlético Madrid: Preview
Chelsea vs. Atlético Madrid Preview: When will the deadlock be broken?

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