Friday, March 07, 2014

Club Football Returns, FA Cup, Football Quotes, Major League Soccer, Chelsea/Tottenham

And what a week it was.

So...Major League Soccer kicks off tomorrow. It's hard to believe, but the league that got going back in 1996 is actually relatively strong. Soccer specific stadiums, teams in the Pacific Northwest, and the return of certain players from abroad have invigorated things quite a bit. Here's what you need to be primed:

Jeff Carlisle thinks MLS' quality will be judged by how well the national team does this summer. Most likely. Speaking of the national team, their final pre-WC friendlies have been scheduled. They play Azerbaijan, Turkey and Nigeria. Azerbaijan is at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on May 27. Turkey is at Red Bull Arena on June 1. Nigeria is in Jacksonville on June 7.
Like a rock...

Over in England, it's the FA Cup coupled with some league action. Tottenham's trip to Stamford Bridge should be fun, and Cardiff vs. Fulham is pretty important. Arsenal and Everton in the Cup is attractive. Let's lump it all together...

FA Cup Quarter-Final Preview: Arsenal vs. Everton


Oooo. Nice The Joy of Six this week. It's football quotes. Antonio Cassano, anyone? Fancy some Phil Brown with that? In that vein, why not grab a Top Tenner? This week it's Managerial Battles.

Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal are battling for the Premier League title. Here's a look at their status and what is ahead for each club.

There's some solid action on hand in Serie A this weekend. In particular, Juventus vs. Fiorentina and Napoli vs. Roma. Check your weekend preview here. Over in Spain, we've been informed that the weekend looks promising for Real Madrid and Barcelona. So, there.

Let's jump to South America briefly and check in with Tim Vickery. He's talking about the defensive deficiencies that plague some of the nations hoping for glory in Brazil this summer.

Jack Wilshere got hurt in the England/Denmark game. Bad for Arsenal...but good for England?

In honour of Liverpool's exhilarating approach this term, Sky Sports has selected their 10 most exciting sides of the Premier League era. Boro 96/97 were quite fun. Ravanelli!

Enjoy the weekend.



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