Friday, February 07, 2014

Ribéry Has Buttock Injury, Weekend Previews, Vidic To Leave United, World Cup Wide Seat For The Obese, The Gentleman Ultra Profiles Catania

Oh! And there goes another week. Good. We're ready for some football! Liverpool vs. Arsenal? Check. Lazio vs Roma? Check. Chelsea vs. Newcastle? Check. Sevilla vs. Barcelona? Check. Swansea vs. Cardiff? Check. Tottenham vs. Everton? Check. Napoli vs. AC Milan? Check. Dundee United vs. St. Mirren? Not so much.

The BPL. The Barclays Premier League. The British Premier League? Here's your lot:

Here's your Headline of the Day: U.S. captain Dempsey keen to regain top form. Ahem. Yes, well, we should hope so. Maybe going to Seattle wasn't such a hot move, Deuce.

Discounted seat for the obese...
Spain! Atlético Madrid took over the top spot last week. Can they defend their lead? Here's your complete La Liga Weekend Preview.

We did mention the Rome Derby above, did we not? Yes, we did. Good. Here's your complete Serie A Weekend Preview. Sticking with Italy, The Gentleman Ultra has graced us with a profile of Catania's ground, fans and classic player Giuseppe Mascara. Grazie Mille!

Are you a large person? Do you plan on attending the World Cup? You're in luck.

We knew is was coming but it's bad timing for Manchester United. Nemanja Vidic has confirmed he'll leave the club at the end of the season. Sure, his best years are behind him but it's not really the morale boost United need right now.

Once again this year, the race for the final Champions League spot looks to go down to the wire. Liverpool, Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United are the sides in question. Let's examine their chances, shall we?

Adam Johnson's career has suddenly restarted. He's notched seven in seven and might snare a spot on the plane to Brazil. Louise Taylor takes a closer look at his up and down history.

Oh, Andrea Pirlo. What's not to love? He is the coolest man in football.

No Joy of Six today for some reason but we do have a Top Tenner. It's Returning Heroes. Think Mark Hughes.

David Hytner interviews Per Mertesacker. Right...Here.

And finally...Ouch! Frank Ribéry burst a blood vessel in his buttock. Ouch! Ouch!



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