Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Manchester United Slip In Greece, Dortmund Win In Russia, 1982 (The Fix), Adidas Idiots

Whoa. Everyone is freaking out because Manchester United lost to Olympiakos last night. Not only did they lose, they were awful. Poor. Very, very bad. It's all going wrong for English clubs in Europe. Let's inspect the damage, beginning with Henry Winter's report:

Olympiakos 2 - 0 Manchester United: Henry Winter at the Karaiskakis Stadium
Olympiakos 2 - 0 Manchester United: Jamie Jackson at the Karaiskakis Stadium

Meanwhile, Daniel Harris wants to take a look at United's top five worst Champions League performances. Ouch.

In Russia, Dortmund won. Great.

In today's action, Chelsea are off to hang with old boy Drogba in Istanbul, whilst Schalke welcome Real Madrid to Gelsenkirchen. Grant Wahl had a chat with Gala's Wesley Sneijder who reckons Chelsea can be beaten. Here are some previews:

The Chelsea Match: Preview
The Madrid Match: Preview

We saw this article yesterday but failed to pass it along. Apologies. SSN's Algerian Expert Kamal B. reminded us of the piece yesterday evening, and we now post post-haste. Here's your lead: Algeria fans shouted 'fix' as West Germany and Austria played out a mutually suitable scoreline in 1982's 'Disgrace of Gijón'.

Look at these shirts. Look at these shirts! Good grief, Adidas.
On that sad note...



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